Clincy’s A Ramblin’ Man – EMScapades: OFF DUTY #26

It’s been too long, huh? Time to catch up with Clincy… again… as he rambles on, I mean, brings you up to speed on where he’s been… again.

EMScapades: OFF DUTY
EMScapades: OFF DUTY
Clincy's A Ramblin' Man - EMScapades: OFF DUTY #26


  1. The tip that helped me the most in nursing school:

    Answer the questions as if you are only allowed to walk into the room, do ONE thing, then you have to turn around and leave.

    That eliminated my urge to assess vitals/lung sounds/pain and to instead pick an intervention, regardless of needing more info before doing that IRL. Nursing school isn’t real life, it’s hell. Learn how you’re tested.

    The thing that helped me after nursing school? It teaches you patho/phys, medications, some basic skills…but it doesn’t teach you nursing. There’s so much critical thinking, patient/family education, and overall coordination of care.

    You will be responsible for every single facet of your patients care and treatment. You are also the last stop before something reaches your patient and you will feel it every single day.
    Doctor ordered the med, pharmacy verified the med, nurse gave the med that a patient is allergic to – 100% the fault lies solely with the nurse.
    Patient gets a meal they weren’t supposed to because dietary missed the hold order? Nurse.
    You are (somehow!?!?) overstaffed with 2 extra CNAs and your patient still misses getting cleaned, turned, a set of vitals, or glucose check? Nurse.
    Doctor told the family he would go review the imaging and come talk about their options and doesn’t? Nurse.
    Doctor overlooked something and therefore didn’t place orders to address it? Or WORSE, doctor refuses to intervene on a patient that you see going down. You can call him 100 times and be told “do not call again for this” and the nurse will STILL be blamed “you should have called a rapid” or “you should have escalated it up the chain of command”. Nurse. Nurse. Nurse.

    Rhadonda Vaught accidentally gave a patient vec instead of versed. She is now facing a criminal trial in March 2022. Read the case, it’s horrendous that it’s all her fault. Too many systems failures allowed for that tragedy and now she could go to prison.

    I don’t know where I’m going with this – it got away from me there. I guess I’m just saying, don’t think you’ll need to remember everything your learn in school…it’s just not the job. But absolutely take your time, double check your shit and CYA.

    • I’m understanding exactly what you are saying. Having been in EMS for over a decade, I am no stranger to the shit rolling downhill model of management.

      But, seriously, this was all very good advice and I thank you so much for dropping a comment! Please feel free to reach out again if I say anything in a future episode that sparks another story. Until then, be safe and take care!

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