Explaining My Strips: Sorry honey, I can’t help it

If you work in EMS or for the hospitals, the fire department or police department and have watched a procedural drama on TV, you’ve done this.

Something that was billed as a “representation” of our profession, usually shows some glaringly obvious misrepresentation of procedures we perform.

And that makes watching TV or movies with someone who is not in the field with you particularly difficult. Difficult for you to keep your mouth shut and difficult for your companion to get lost in the portrayed “reality” of the story.

This comic strip was my way of humorously kind of apologizing to my wife. Hopefully, you found a similar use for it.

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Les C and Liron K – EMScapades: OFF DUTY #18

After technical difficulties galore including audio delay and video that didn’t record, we bring you an International episode! Canada, Australia and America are chatting it up today on a podcast that is as confusing as we hope it is fun.