Explaining My Strips: Thousands of orders… hundreds served

As I’ve detailed in previous writings and posts, you know that we were under the gun for response times at this time.

Remember that it was within 60 seconds to mark en route? Now they were starting to check our cameras to see if we were truly “asses in seats” when we marked ourselves en route. 

So, the days of going to a fast food restaurant, ordering food, catching a call, and having your partner run to the truck, check en route, drive around the building and pick you up with the food and driving off were fading fast.

I came up with this comic strip after having to leave without my food due to a call… twice! In the same shift! Not at the same restaurant but, within 12 hours, two different restaurants.

And because I was working random districts due to my need for overtime, I never made it back to get my money back or food. 

All I was left with was the pride one feels for donating their hard earned money to the for-profit organization, “The Grease Fryer’s Fund of Greater Charleston”.

SIDE NOTE: The building is my drawing of a Hardee’s changed to be a “Clincy’s”. Sadly, it was not the same Hardee’s that I had to leave my food at. 

The Hardee’s that got my money for nothing, no lie, has since been demolished.

That’s right, nobody steals my money and gets away with it! NOBODY!!

Actually, there’s a bank in it’s place now.

And the other restaurant from that day was a Wendy’s. A Wendy’s that is still open and still standing…

for now.

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