Explaining My Strips: Yes, 911? I’m Having a Feeling of Impending Doom.

This comic strip was one that happened through what felt like one of those weird serendipitous or cosmic alignments.

“Serendipitous or cosmic alignments? What the hell are you talking about Clincy? Have you recently discovered edibles or something?”

Ok, I’ll explain.

I had been having a rough time in EMS. Mainly due to having to work a shift every day for close to a month straight. I believe it was honestly 27 shifts in a row.

“Well, that’s because you’re an idiot Clincy. Or you’re probably one of those annoying Ricky Rescue types.”

Not quite.

I was working to accumulate a ton of overtime to pre-pay a medical bill. You see, the hospital where my wife Kerri works gives one hell of a discount for medical procedures, but to obtain it, you have to pay up front.

The procedure? 

The birth of our daughter Bridget.

So, I’m working crazy overtime in December for a final balance that’s due in January. And my life has become an EMS blur. I’m imagining tones dropping while I’m in my bed at home, imagining I hear the radio chirp in the grocery store while I’m off. When strangers in public say a cordial, “Hello”, I reply with, “And what was your reason for calling 911 today?”

While on shifts, I run call after call after call. At one point, I made the joke to a partner, “I swear, these assholes would be calling for 911 as the doomsday meteor approached!” They laughed as I continue, “And my dumb ass would still be sitting right here at this gas station!” And we have a really good laugh.

Then, the strangest thing happened: we were cleared for district.

We might actually see our station! I might actually get to eat and sit in a more comfortable-ish seat!

Can you believe, we actually made it to the station? I walk in with the same wonderment as the group of children who entered that room in the Wonka factory where everything was edible.

Once again, I swear I’m not on edibles.

However, instead of eating or sitting, I opt to hit the bed and see if I can’t get a quick power nap in.

And I was able to get a nap. A full, and very restful, 3 hour nap! For the first time in nearly a month, I felt good. 

But now, it was time to eat.

I walk out of the bunk room and toward the kitchen when I see that the TV was on.

And what was playing? The scene in the beginning of the film, “Armageddon”, where New York City was bombarded by the meteor shower.

“Looks like I have a comic strip to draw.”

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