Explaining My Strips: Necessity is the motherhood of invention

Allow me to say up front that I found this one clever. Damn clever! I mean, I was proud of this one!

I personally was a satellite TV subscriber at the time and loved my NFL Sunday ticket subscription. That was also the only way that this Baltimore native living in Charleston, SC could watch his Ravens games.

As our 911 service at the time was getting more and more comfortable with post assignments, we found ourselves sitting, sometimes for hours, out there on the streets away from the station.

Even though the Ravens were terrible that year, I still wanted to watch the game during a Sunday post assignment. Why? Because I ain’t a fair-weather bandwagon-riding fan, that’s why!

Sorry. As I was saying…

I really wanted to watch the game, and all I was able to do was get updates through my ESPN app but, which, just doesn’t compare to watching the game on TV.

I started imagining bolting down a DIRECTV satellite to the top of the ambulance and just how proud of yourself you would be watching any NFL game you want through the ambulance is AVL screen. Of course, I also thought about how short-lived your employment would be with the destruction of company property.

So, I set out to make my comic strip. When I was done, I laughed out loud at the visual I had created and the absurdity of it all.

Again. Proud.

Then I posted it and put the link on the r/ems subreddit. I always loved reading their comments, and when it came to this one, I couldn’t wait to hear everyone say, “I totally need to do something like this!”

My first comment comes in, and it goes something like, “Obviously, this person doesn’t own a cell phone.”

That comment was the only comment, and it received more upvotes than the strip itself, and without that social media boost that my comics typically received, the clicks and views for this strip, were instantly dead in the water.

I wanted to defend myself with a whole “but… Sunday Ticket…” argument but, I found out that Sunday Ticket was available on cell phones.

I guess it wasn’t as clever as I thought.

SIDE NOTE: When laying out my first book containing the first year of comics called, “Let the EMScapades Begin!” I found that my page count was uneven, and needed to omit a strip. Guess which one is not in the first book.

I guess I wasn’t as proud of it as I thought.

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