Explaining My Strips: Why Are Response Times So High?

In reading these, my “Examining My Strips” series, you’ll begin to see that many of my early strips were inspired by what I wanted to say back to the brass at an in-service training. This time…

I was at an in-service with the brass lecturing us about our response times. I remember how they reiterated that we declare ourselves en route within 60 seconds and that lights and sirens don’t give us permission to run red lights or run people off the road, they are simply us “requesting the right of way”.

That’s when I remembered how not just 24 hours earlier, we had a vehicle not getting out of our way while we were running code. This was actually quite a regular occurrence, with the feeling that it was almost happening every single time that our lights and sirens were on. I wanted to raise my hand and say, “Maybe we could run a PSA telling the general public to pull over as they do for every other emergency vehicle? That could probably help our response times more than making sure that we keep our boots on for our entire shift.”

Of course, I didn’t say any of that… loud enough for anybody but the person sitting next to me to hear.

But then, during our next shift, when people were actually moving out of our way during a code, only to find out that there was a police officer coming up behind us in our blind spot, that I thought, “Yep. I’ve got my next comic strip.”

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