EMS: First cold snap of winter

This one is pretty straightforward.

At the first cold night of winter in my district every year, everyone turned on their heat or used their fireplaces for the for the first time… and chimneys hadn’t been swept, flues hadn’t been checked and pilot lights might’ve been out. 

Many people also forgot that dust, dirt and skin usually burned off of the heating coils when you turned electric heat on for the first time that season.

And 911 would always blow up. Mostly for the fire department, and us too…

for emotional support, I guess.

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Les C and Liron K – EMScapades: OFF DUTY #18

After technical difficulties galore including audio delay and video that didn’t record, we bring you an International episode! Canada, Australia and America are chatting it up today on a podcast that is as confusing as we hope it is fun.