EMS: And we just got our unit back this morning

I drew this strip during the time that I was waiting at our station for a supervisor to come and get my partner and me, as well as a tow truck for our ambulance that didn’t start… again.

This was the 3rd time this week that it wouldn’t start and, as the title says, we just got our unit back that morning.

As I started to doodle, I thought to myself, “This is what happens when you band-aid repair the fleet enough to allow us to limp along to the next call.”

*Side note: The tow truck that showed up had a Chester Cheetah, the cartoon character mascot for Cheetos, painted on the side of it. I remember seeing this tow truck around town from time to time, and I made the joke about quitting EMS and driving it for a living one day.

*Super mega crazier side note: At a hospital-based service I would work for about 2 years later, the unit I was in one shift was stopped by the police, at a patient’s house, for having suspended tags. The matter was cleared up the next day, but for that night the police told us that we were not allowed to drive that ambulance on the roads with suspended tags. So another unit came and picked my partner up while I stayed with our unit waiting for the tow truck to pick us up. And that tow truck was… the very same Chester Cheetah one! I got to actually ride as a passenger in the front of it, and it had no AC, smelled like diesel fuel, rode like shit, and I almost fell out of it while trying to get into it.

Good times!

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