EMS: “Tell me about your first…”

As I told you in a previous story, I had only been a paramedic for a year at this point and whenever people would ask me about my job, they immediately ask me to tell them about my “first real emergency call”. 

Of course, they wanted to know about the blood and guts and gore, but my personal first “real emergency call” had a patient who was covered head to toe in shit. Sad (and shitty), but true.

The patient, lived in a dilapidated trailer. His trailer didn’t have a working bathroom so he would use the bathroom outside, in the grass. The loose stool, the patient thought, was courtesy of his allergic reaction to niacin. He stated that he ate a hamburger bun, and hamburger buns have niacin in them, hence, the diarrhea.

The reason why he was covered in it, however, was because he passed out and fell in it. Then came to, and rolled around in it trying to get up, which was not easy for him to do… because he was having STEMI.

So, all the joys of a 12 lead and IV… after cleaning him up so that I could perform the interventions with as close to a sterile site as possible.

Lucky. Me. Right?

Now, when it came to the average person asking me about it, they would immediately shut my story down, whereas my new partners in EMS loved it and wanted every sick and smelly detail. 

And going way overboard in their enjoyment of it, if you ask me.

But… I, of course, thought that would make for a good comic.

*Side note: “Now, where did the whole “when your new girlfriend asks” part come from? Aren’t you married Clincy?” 

Yes I was, and still am, but you’ll find that a lot of my early comics featured a lot of things that I’d write about so it wouldn’t lead back to me. 

My creation of these comics were all around the time that our EMS Chief was fired for writing a book, and I was suuuuper paranoid about anything that would get me in trouble.

I was creating these with my own partner, sitting next to me in the truck, oblivious to the fact that I was the person creating “those comics that are getting shared on all of those Facebook groups”.

So, expect some weird humor and some odd things that aren’t like me at all in this first year, okay?

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