Explaining My Strips: Eric Clapton’s “Chest Pain”

Let’s just say it: I am that partner who sings along to the radio… a lot. And, maybe worse than that for some of you, many of you, I also make up parody lyrics while singing… a lot. This is a song that I made up while singing to the Eric Clapton hit, “Cocaine”, that played on the radio.

That’s it. Whole story.

*Side note: Some other song parodies that I made up that same week, but never did a comic strip of, included, “I Hate County” (a parody of the Bow Wow Wow song, “I Want Candy”) and a parody of the song, “Black Betty” by Ram Jam with lyrics that included:

Whoa, I need an, amberlamps

Whoa, call me an, amberlamps

I think my meds ran out, amberlamps

My throat hurts when I shout, amberlamps

My finger’s got a little twitch, amberlamps

Poison ivy made me itch, amberlamps

I said, “Oh, I need an” amberlamps

Whoa, call me an, amberlamps

The lyrics are always changed to make fun of various, non-emergent, BS complaints, and now… you can continue the tradition! Have fun!

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