Here it comes…

The End.

I want to thank you for riding with me for the past 5 years! It has been a true honor and a privilege to bring you so much EMS humor over the years, and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I have. 

And I hope that you keep in touch with me or, at the very least, try.

That’s all I ask.

And it shouldn’t be too difficult…

Join me on Monday for the first episode of the all new “EMScapades: OFF DUTY with Ben Clincy”! It’s an hour-long, weekly podcast and, this Monday, I promise to explain the reasons behind this decision and what the future holds for all things EMScapades!

I thank you for reading EMScapades and I love you all. Talk to you soon! – Clincy

Listen to latest episode

Kitty and Caissie – EMScapades: OFF DUTY #15

It’s just 3 of us! Clincy is joined by Kitty and Caissie as they talk about everything from workplace shenanigans to state mottos and flags, working out and eating right to even the Marvel movies and WandaVision. It is absolutely all over the place… but it’s where you’ll want to be!